Selected Essays & Other Writing

Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Visions was published as a New York Observed column in The City section of The New York Times. Midtown Tunnel traffic may frustrate you, but for me tail lights in the tunnel form a solid red line, like an arrow pointing homeward. Read my love letter to the Queens Midtown Tunnel here.

8 Million Stories Little Curly

I got my nickname from a Hell’s Kitchen street character one spring night in the mid-1990s. Several years after I left the neighborhood, we met up in a quintessentially New York way. Read the story here.

Looking For The Winged Dragon of Ra

The Winged Dragon of Ra can defeat his enemies in one try,” my son, then 6, told me, his grey-green eyes wide with desire. “It’s the strongest of all the god cards,” my son went on, “even two god cards combined can’t defeat it.”

We also couldn’t find it, but that didn’t prevent us from having an awesome day. Read more.

Blame it on Mercury Retrograde

Mercury, young messenger god in his winged sandals and hat, is the namesake of the smallest, swiftest planet in the solar system. In astrology the planet rules communication, transportation, mechanical things and planning. Kind of like an astrological Murphy’s Law, a retrograde Mercury allegedly causes computer glitches, misunderstandings among friends, deals to turn sour and typos to sneak into text. Read more.

Green up Your Clean Up

Set aside those expensive and toxic cleansers. You can green up your spring cleaning with materials you already have in your cabinets. Read more.

The Write Place at the Write Time
A Bench of One's Own

A Bench of One’s Own
Crazy Horse sought out sacred spots in South Dakota to have visions. Winnie the Pooh had a thinking spot. I come to the public plaza behind The Barking Dog Restaurant with my vexing thoughts and editing projects. But on the first truly nice day of the year, there’s someone on my bench. Read More.

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